San Clemente Open 9/17/2011

This weekend, 3 Loose Screws traveled to San Clemente, CA to participate in a skate contest with Kalistr Clothing. The contest was great and featured a lot of skaters with many different styles. Keddrick won his division, Kenny took third in his division and as a bonus, Kalistr rider Donovan “Lil’ D” Liebelt placed second in his division.

The prize packages were super. The contest was fun for all.

So what’s next for the 3 Loose Screws crew…….

Morrell Montage

Team riders Keddrick Tanner and Sleepy Dixon hit it hard at Morrell skate park having fun and throwing down the tricks.


New Footy!

We just unleashed 5 new videos. Check them out here!

Weekend of 8/6-8/7/2011 Gatorade Free Flow Tour, Seattle, WA and Midvale, UT

Wow! What a wild and crazy weekend for the 3 Loose Screws Skate Team! Awwwwesome!

First, On Saturday, 8/6/2011, Gerardo “Pollo” Bejarano competes in the Seattle, WA, at Skatebarn and wins second place in the Gatorade Free Flow Tour event.

Then on Sunday, 3 Loose Screws invaded Midvale, UT to compete in the Gatorade Free Flow Tour event. It turned out to be an amazing day.

In the Junior Jam, Destin Watts and Evon Martinez finished first and second respectively. Destin brought down the house and put on a skating display that was cheered from the beginning of his final run to its end. An unforgettable display that will be remembered for a long time.

In the Open Division, 3 Loose Screws was represent by Kenny Tanner, Antonio Moya, John Gurley and Keddrick Tanner. Kenny and Antonio made it to the finals and skated against Tyson Bowerbank. After a fantastic display of skating Kenny finished second and Antonio placed third. Tyson won the event.

This weekend will be remembered by me as being highly successful for the team. Out of seven skaters competing five placed. Utterly fantastic!

Congratulations to all of you!

Gatorade Free Flow Tour

Today, at Skate Barn in Seattle, Washington, Pollo Bejarano finished second in the open competition.

Congratulations Pollo!


Gatorade Free Flow Tour

Tomorrow, members of the 3 Loose Screws skate team will be competing in yet another competition. This time, we are in Midvale, Utah. Kenny, Keddrick, Antonio, Destin, Evon and John Gurley will all be there trying their best.

The host park, We Are One, is definitely a flow park and as advertised it was built by roller bladers for roller bladers. It has an interesting lay out and as the boys can attest it is fun to skate.

Good Luck to everyone……Registration is at 9:00 AM.

Gatorade Free Flow Tour July 30, 2011

Well its back to Vegas for the rain and heat. The trip to San Diego was fun for all. The guys met new friends and made new contacts. Thanks to everyone that made the trip.

John Gurley, Antonio Moya, Gerardo “Pollo” Bejarano, Kenny Tanner and Keddrick Tanner all competed in the open division. They threw down some great tricks and had a lot of fun.

Congratulations to my littlest skater Destin Watts, who competed in the under 13 division. He finished in third place after throwing down hard flips, trey flips kick flips and different tricks on the rails. We felt that he should have finished higher.

Gatorade Flow Tour

It is back to Cali again this weekend. Another comp and we will see how they do!